MADISON is a comprehensive one stop shop for facility managers, safety engineers, maintenance managers, risk managers, contractors, consultants, architects, distributors and engineers for their flooring problems & solutions that span across all industries. Madison carry an extensive line of rapid curing polyurea sealants, repair material and fast set polyurea spray materials for both cold and warm applications. We are the pioneer and leader in the distribution and application of polyurea products, in particular the refrigerated warehousing industry.
Our products are relatively easy to use “DIY”. Uses simple tools. Amazing features, rapid setting with quick next day turnaround time and minimum downtime. You may apply it yourself or through your contractors. Most are safe to ship (air or sea), non-hazardous, non-flammable and not regulated. Truly your Self Help Partner.
Creating innovative solutions is never easy. Building trust and lasting relationship with customers is even more difficult. Madison amidst the giants of the industry set out to do both. Filling a need for innovative solutions to problems in construction, industrial, marine and the transportation sector, Madison aspires to grow and build a reputation for highest quality products and exceptional customer support. Our commitment to our customers, one that is custom tailored to meet his product and support needs HIS way.
Madison continues to carry, invent and reinvent products and formulas as our customers' needs dictate. But what really makes Madison a unique supplier is our support for the products we distribute. Strictly NO compromise on our products (formulas or ingredients)!

Madison’s polyurea, epoxies, polymers, coatings, sealers, admixtures, grouts and other products are sold throughout many parts of the world. From Asia, Middle East, Africa to any part of the world where there is a requirement. Reliability and flexibility of Madison and our fine products are the very essence of our foundation. Madison has never lost sight of our vision, not to be the biggest supplier, but to be among the best.

Our innovative & finest quality products are time tested (proven well over a decade). Used in various industries across the board in different countries have earned us many satisfied customers!