Optimus LS10000 

Self-Contained Polyurea Joint Application Pump 
Optimus LS10000 machine is a self-contained, 110-240 volt powered plural component 1:1 pump.  This pump unit holds one ten gallon kit of Optimus 3010, 3000, or 4010, and has a pump speed control dial to increase or decrease the flow of product.  Optimus LS10000 can also be supplied with an air and solvent purge system added.  The pump unit system is fast and easy to use; clean up is simple; and it’s compact size makes it very easy to move from job to job.

The Optimus LS10000 unit 1:1 electric pump has a 1200 watt generator and is
self-contained for complete mobility on any job anywhere! You can also remove the
generator and use 110 power where

The pump is used for the Madison joint
products, repair products and one of the
polyurea spray products.
The Optimus LS10000 pump will work with the following Madison products:

Optimus 3020 - control joint product
Optimus 3040 - expansion joint product for bridges
Optimus 4020 - for asphalt repair and airfield joints
Optimus 4010 - rapid concrete repair

The pump can also be set up to spray using an air
assist tip for various applications.

Optimus PW14000

Optimus PW14000 is a powerful tri-mode industrial pressure washer. Offering steam temperatures to 330º F and hot water temperatures from 180ºF-210ºF, the Optimus PW14000 is a versatile wet steam, hot water, or cold water pressure washer.

This powerful pressure washing machine ejects steam or hot/cold water at 750psi, and connects to a hose line allowing for continuous use. A siphon hose allows cleaning solutions to be added to steam or water for additional cleaning power. This powerful and versatile high pressure washer is ideal for numerous commercial cleaning applications.