Optimus 1010

Fast Set Polyurea Long Open Time

Product Description

Optimus 1010 is a two component, high wet-out, long open time, aromatic MDI and multifunctional polyurea amine blend.  The polymer system is "pure polyurea" and is not modified using urethane or other additives. 

Unique Properties

  • Slow gel & set time
  • Higher bond strengths to substrate due to slower set time and "wet-out",
  • Greater penetration into fabrics and reinforcing matting (wet-out)
  • Higher overall tensile strength when neat and extremely high when used as a penetrating polyurea amalgam/fabric system
  • Excellent in marine environments
  • High hydrolytic stability

The polyurea structure is very durable with 100% solids and a set time of 6 to 8 minutes. This aromatic polyurea is extremely tough with excellent adhesive properties and  very good chemical resistance.  Optimus 1010 is applied via high pressure heated equipment such as the HV-20/35 or larger.  It conforms to the requirements of the USDA for incidental food contact. It is formulated to be hard, non-brittle, flexible, fast set with impact and abrasion resistance. Gel Time is 65 seconds allowing approximately two to three minutes for self leveling or for broadcasting  aggregate into the product.  


  • "Slowed" Set Times - 6 to 8 minutes
  • Excellent Bond Development & Better "Wet-out"  Contact Time
  • Designed to Chemically Bond to Madison Primers
  • Excellent With Reinforcing Fabrics.
  • Protects Concrete and Other Surfaces, Wood, Metal, etc.
  • Chemical Resistant, High Impact & Abrasion Resistance, Tack Free in 6 - 9 Minutes
  • 100% Solids, No VOC problems, No Odor

Use Areas

  • Roofing systems
  • Secondary containment with non-skid
  • Corrosive barrier, protective coating Protection - processing equipment
  • Concrete tanks & steel tanks
  • Secondary containment walls and floors
  • All industrial service surfaces

General Physical Characteristics

Solids 100%
Shelf Life 6 months
Hardness ASTM D2240 D 60 to70
Mix Ratio 1:1
Tack Free ASTM D2471  6-9 min.
Tensile ASTM D412   3800
Tear Strength, pli ASTM 624-C 400-600  psi
Gel Time  65 sec.@ 75°F 
Set Time    6-8 minutes
Elongation ASTM D124 330 to 350%
Processing Temperature   160°F to 170°F  
Viscosity @ 75°F cps A 800-1200  
B 600-900
Permeability  0.095 WVT
V.O.C. Content  0%
Abrasion Resistance Taber, CS-17 Wheel
w/1000/500 cycles
20.0 mg loss
Recoat time  Not limited
Impact Resistance ASTM D3776 20-22 ft. lbs.
Flex Life (Ross) ASTM D 1052 200,000 cy.
Coefficient of Leaner Thermal Expansion ASTM C531 (in/in/°F)  4 x 10-5

Moisture Vapor Reduction:  Optimus 1010 should be applied to concrete surfaces as part of a "systems approach".  Since concrete will out-gas using the CMW8100  vapor barrier treatment for the concrete and the 7010 as the primer reduces out-gassing.  

Priming:  Optimus 1010 cross-links with the Madison prime Optimus 7010 and produces excellent results when used together as a system. 

Note:  The best spray application results are obtained when the ambient temperature is decreasing.  Out-gassing will decrease as temperature falls. In applications where it is not possible to use the temperature to your advantage it is suggested that the Madison’s CMW be used in conjunction with Optimus 7010 or 6010R epoxy prior to the polyurea coating.

Preparation: Concrete must have a minimum 28 day cure prior to application.  Remove any curing agent, form release materials, oils, wax, moisture or any material that may effect bonding.  Clean and wash to remove contaminants and maintain pH 8.0-11.0.
*Perform a Moisture Vapor Test before making the coating application on concrete.
Provide rough profile minimum 2 mils.   
Review ASTM D4259 Abrading Concrete and ASTM F1869 Measuring Moisture Vapor Emission.  Seal/repair all bug-holes, cracks and spalls, see Madison data sheets on 820, 4010 and 3020 (joints).
Steel; Near white sand blast per SSPC-SP10/NACE 2.  Welds, seams, edges, etc. grind/blast smooth and provide 2 mil profile.  Immersion – review SSPC-SP1.

Application: Use only Gusmer or Graco heated high pressure equipment & impingement gun equipment, fluid pressure minimum of 2,000 psi.  Minimum heat 160ºF.  Surface temperature -20ºF  to 120ºF.  Apply at not less then 5ºF above dew point.  Apply at specified mil thickness over primer as required for the application.  
Spraying Optimus 1010 requires special equipment, user must be a professional applicator qualified in the use of high performance polyurea materials and specialty application equipment. 

Color:  Black, Dark Gray, Kaki tan.  Note: Note:  Aromatic systems will shift color from exposure to UV.  Dark Kaki Tan resist color change best.  Aliphatic top coats are often used to provide stable color.

Limitations:  Do not use on wet surfaces or expose part A to moisture.  Keep drums out of direct sunlight, store drum kits on wood pallets at room temperature. Always mix the part B before using. Pre-heat drums as needed per environmental temperature.  Best results over vapor barrier and/or compatible primer.

Shelf Life:  1 year, store between 40°F and 100°F.

Solids:  100%

Components:  Two part system; 1:1 ratio

Packaging: 110 gallon kits 

VOC Content:  0gms/1 or 0.0 lbs/gal

This product is for use by professional applicators only.  Wear Protective Clothing.  Read MSDS before using this product.  DOT/Flash Point – Non-flammable Liquid Classification, not regulated.