Optimus 2010

Polyurea Roof System 

Product Description
The 2010 Series Roof System consists of the Optimus 1020 high elongation aromatic base coat. The White top coat is a single component acrylic Madison’s Elastomeric Roof Membrane System (ERM) with high elongation, excellent cold weather stability, good reflective qualities and high elongation.
Both the base coat and top coat are flexible with the polyurea base coat being a 1:1 spray applied product and the top coat a single component spray applied or rolled material.  The  2010 series product system exhibits excellent resistance to moisture, chemicals and abrasive conditions while maintaining good color retention. This seamless elastomeric roof system is used for industrial, commercial or residential roof applications   that require a durable product that resists weathering, requires elongation and produces a smooth seamless finish for exterior applications on surfaces exposed to weather, sunlight and thermal cycles.  Short down-time is the advantage of this product system.  The hardness of the polyurea membrane material is approximately Shore A 85. Elongation is >650% with the ERM also > 450.


  • Monolithic membrane, no seams
  • Superior weather and UV stability
  • Rapid roof installations over foam
  • used over foam or other primed substrates
  • Durable and impact resistance
  • Excellent elongation  
  • Complete waterproofing
  • Excellent all roof applications, commercial, industrial and domestic
  • Base coat over-coated quickly with  Acrylic top coat

Use Areas:

  • Roofing & Waterproofing
  • Petrochemical Tank Roofs
  • Pedestrian Decks
  • Waterproofing Metal Roofs

Speed & Set Time:  Polyurea gel 5-8 seconds, tack free in approximately 30 seconds.  Acrylic top coat 30-60 minutes, temperature and humidity dependent.

Note:  The best spray application results are obtained when the polyurea base coat is applied soon after the applications of the primer.  The top coats are applied quickly over the aromatic base coat.

Color:  Aromatic polyurea base coat is  gray.  Acrylic elastomeric is  white. 

Preparation: The surface to be coated shall be cleaned prior to the polyurea  base coat application.  Remove any material that may effect bonding.  Urethane foam shall be cured and primed.

Prime:  Prime with Madison primer Optimus 7010, 6200 water reducible epoxy or 6010R moisture tolerant epoxy.
Prime 1 to 2 hours prior to the polyurea base coat application for best results.  

Application: Use only Gusmer or Graco heated high pressure equipment, HV20/35 with GX 7 or GX 8 gun.  2500 psi, 2 gallon output, 160 F temperature. Minimum heat 160ºF.  Surface temperature -20ºF  to 120ºF.  Apply at not less then 5ºF above dew point.  

Aromatic Base Coat:  Apply the Optimus 2010 aromatic polyurea base coat using the specified equipment and at a rate of 2.5 gallons per 100 square feet or 40 mils dry film thickness, in two coats to produce the required film thickness.  Make the second application @ 90 degrees to the first application.

Acrylic Top Coat:  20-35 mils and standard roof aggregate if desired, (see ERM data sheet).  Broadcast roof aggregate to refusal immediately after applying the acrylic roof coating. 

Limitations:  Do not use on wet surfaces or expose part A to moisture.  Keep out of direct sunlight, store drum kits on wood pallets at room temperature. Always mix the part B before using. Pre-heat drums as needed per environmental temperature.  Best results obtained over product compatible primer.

Shelf Life:  1 year, store between 40°F and 100°F.  

Packaging: 110 gallon kits 

VOC Content:  0gms/1 or 0.0 lbs/gal

Pot Life:   Acrylic n/a 

Curing Time:  Depends on set time of the productRecoat as soon as possible or not more then 1-1.5 hours after first application.  Full cure in 24 to 48 @ 70°F.  Acrylic elastomeric is humidity and temperature dependent.