Optimus 4005 

Description:  Rapid Concrete Repair – Rapid Restore Cracks & Spalls

4005 is a  rapid set, high strength medium to low viscosity concrete rapid repair polymer.

The  4005 is designed for use as a rapid repair product for concrete when the repair is going to be “immediately” coated over with PolyUrea/Aspartic or Epoxy and the coating/repair will be exposed to direct sunlight.


What 4005 is designed for:

Some rapid repair materials contain additives that when they are surface ground in preparation for coating and then coated over quickly can, over time, cause shadowing of the top coat when the sun hits that section of the floor.

The sunlight can heat the repair under the coating and drive out any remaining volatile components in the repair and produce a shadow.

4005 is formulated not to shadow through a decorative aliphatic top coat when the area is exposed to sunlight and still provide very quick turn-around time for the repair allowing coating of the repair as soon as it has set and has been prepared for the top coat.


Unique Characteristics:

4005 is low in viscosity allowing the product to  penetrate and lock into the concrete better than epoxy.  4005 sets very quickly allowing use in just minutes.

Another unique characteristic is “Very Low Odor” allowing this product to be used in sensitive areas where odor could be a problem.


Cold Temperatures

The product is unique in that it can repair cracks and spalls of most any size at temperatures below zero, (-10°F) .

The product can be ground smooth and become almost invisible when properly prepared and coated.


Concrete must have a minimum 28 day cure prior to

application. **Concrete Must Be Dry.  Clean the concrete repair area surface and remove all unsound concrete, dust and debris. Prepare surface using a dry diamond blade or a twisted wire wheel for spalls.  Cut perimeter of damage with dry diamond blade to form a key-way. Chase and  open cracks to provide some depth to the crack to allow for quick traveling of the product deep into the crack.


Application Bulk:  

Mix 4005 at a 1:1 ratio. Use a jiffy  mixer  or  other  multi  blade  mechanical  mixer only.  No paddle mixers.  Mix part A and B mechanically at high speed for approximately 30 seconds. Use mixed product as a primer for the bottom of the repair.


Grout Repair:   One part of mixed (A&B) product to two parts select sand, i.e., 1 pint of A + 1 pint of B added to 2 quarts of sand. Blend mixed product into sand quickly.  Mix product and sand for another 30 seconds and immediately pour into the prepared and primed application area.  Work into the repair area quickly.  Screed to finished grade and allow to set, top surface with product  as needed, broadcast additional sand as needed.

Allow product to set and grind using a grinder fitted with a fine grit Zec wheel.  Work in circular motion to grind/smooth to finished grade.  

Seal the surface using mixed product neat with no sand.


Swelling:  Some swelling of the product/repair can occur due to residual moisture in surrounding concrete or in the sand used as a filler.  This is not a problem.  Allow the repair to set, let any minor swelling take place.  When the repair is hard, grind as usual and surface coat the ground repair with neat mixed A & B as a seal coat.  












Use Areas

~Repairs that will be coated over for decorative floors

~All concrete spall and crack repair warm or cold conditions


General Physical Characteristics

Solids                                                    100%

Gel Time                                                >7 min. @ 75F

Shelf Life                                                1 year

Hardness ASTM D2240                           Shore D 72

Mix Ratio                                               1:1

Tack Free ASTM D2471                          >10 minutes

Tensile    ASTM D412                             4300

Bond Strength ASTM 882-99                   2000 psi

Tear Strength ASTM 624-C                     >200 psi

Elongation ASTM D124                           8%

Processing Temperature                         70°F

Usage Temperature Range                     -10°F - 110°F

Viscosity @ 25°C mixed                        30-40 cps

VOC Content g/l                                     n/a



21 ounce duplex cartridge kits, 10/case

2 gallon kit

10 gallon kits 


Do not use on wet surfaces or expose part A to moisture.  This product is moisture sensitive and should not be applied to wet surfaces. This product is not intended as a joint filler. If used as a joint filler thermal cycles may cause a crack along the sides of the joint.  Reflective cracking may occur if such a fill is coated over showing a crack through a top coat. Product may bond damaged slabs together and may stop movement.   Not intended for use where substrate movement is required.

Store the duplex cartridge cases out of direct sunlight in a cool location, protect from heat and high environmental temperatures. The product will be  considerably faster in warm or hot conditions and slower in cold conditions.  Do not use product that is hot.  This product is for use by professional applicators only. Wear Protective  Clothing and gloves as the product  bonds very well to fabrics. Read MSDS before using this product. DOT/Flash Point  – Non-flammable Liquid Classification, not regulated.  Warranty:    See  Madison Universal Polymers Technologies.  Warranty data sheet.   (2-13) Product  data sheets  subject  to change  without notice.  © 2010 Madison Universal  Polymers Technologies.