Optimus 5100

Single Component Aliphatic Polyurea/Urethane Roll-Down 

Product Description
Optimus 5100 is a single component, Aliphatic MDI and multifunctional polyurea/urethane water reducible amine blend specifically designed as a clear aliphatic surface protective finish topping. It is also ideal as a seal coat for various types of tile, wood, concrete and decorative stamped concrete as well as quartz aggregate floors. 
This product is applied in thin coats.
Its physical properties are equal or higher than typical spray elastomer so an increase in product performance is likely.  Due to its excellent mechanical properties, the material exhibits excellent wear resistance.  The coating has excellent resistance to mild acids and solvents.  It is also resistant to chalking and colour changes.  5100 is fast curing and several coats can be applied in one day during suitable weather conditions.  The coating has low VOC’s and forms a continuous nonporous film.
5100 has good freeze stability but viscosity increase will occur at lower temperatures.  The product needs to be warmed if temperature falls below freezing.
Optimus 5100 is a unique, 30 minute dry time aliphatic clear coat and can be pigmented in several colors with good UV stability and chemical resistance.
This aliphatic product conforms to the requirements of the USDA for incidental food contact and is formulated to be non-color changing, clear, tough, abrasive resistant, non-brittle, flexible, quick set with impact resistance.


  • Seal Coat Finish
  • Clear Top Coat For Stamped Concrete and Dimensional Decorative Concrete
  • Used On Colored Quartz
  • Bonds To Many Substrates, Fiberglass, Wood, etc.
  • Concrete Slabs, Stairs & Pedestrian Walk Ways
  • Decks, Wood Structures, Industrial Wall & Floor Applications

Advantages – 5100

  • Single component – no odor
  • Good chemical resistance to industrial chemicals, high abrasive resistance, highly adhesive to aggregates & substrates
  • Provides an excellent appearance -  waterproofing elastomeric systems – thin coat system
  • Good density & elongation good UV resistance, chemical resistance 
  • Fast “Turn-Around” floor applications
  • Color chip floors & color quartz floors

Preparation: Concrete must have a minimum 28 day cure prior to application.  Remove any curing agent, form release materials, oils, wax, moisture or any material that may effect bonding.  Clean and wash to remove contaminants and maintain pH 8.0-11.0.  *Perform a Moisture Vapor Test before making the coating application on concrete.  Provide rough profile minimum 2 mils. Review ASTM D4259 Abrading Concrete and ASTM F1869 Measuring Moisture Vapor Emission.  Seal/repair all bug-holes, cracks and spalls, see Madison data sheets on 820, 4010 and 3020 (joints).  Wood, Fiberglass: Water-blast and dry.


Mixing and Application
Optimus 5100 is fully formulated and ready for use, however it is necessary to remove any skin that may have formed on the surface of opened containers and thoroughly mix all containers prior to use.  Adequate mixing is required to achieve a uniform and consistent coating.
Product temperature should be 59-90°F during application onto substrates that are free of loose particles, oil, grease, dirt, paint, etc.  5100 can be used to achieve both water permeable and impermeable coatings.  Application thickness should be between 5 – 10 mils wet with two coats applied in opposite spray directions after 30 minutes of dry time for the first coat to achieve the most desirable coating.  Thicker coats will require more time to dry and achieve optimum film properties.  Similarly, lower temperatures and higher humidity conditions will increase dry time of each coat.  Time between spray coats should not exceed 24 hours.  Freshly applied coatings should not be exposed to water for at least 2 hours so do not apply if rain is in the forecast.  Allow coating to cure for at least 24 hours prior to being placed into full service.  Some moderate use can be achieved after 4 hours.
Safety: Read MSDS before using this product or any polymer product.

Color:  Clear, gray, medium gray and other colors.

Note:  Test the product on the area to be coated before making an application.

General Physical Characteristics

Solids 40%
Coverage 3-5mil/coat  300-500 sq.ft./gal
Shelf Life 1 year
Pot Life  n/a
Hardness ASTM D2240 80-90A
Mix Ratio none
Tack Free ASTM D2471 15-20 minute
Tensile ASTM D412 3500psi
Abrasion H18 D4060-90 1.04mg/1000
Elongation ASTM D124 120-140%
Tear Strength pli 300-350
Mil thickness/application 5-8 mils wet
Drying Time @ 75°F 30 minutes
Recoat Time  30 min.-12 hrs.
Cure Time, full service 24 hrs.
Viscosity@ 25°C cps, Brookfield 50-80 cps
UV Resistance Excellent clear coat


Mixers, spray equipment, etc. can all be easily cleaned with water while product is in the uncured state.  In the case that material is allowed to dry on a tool, scraping and solvent may be necessary to remove the material.  Tools that experience periodic use such as agitator blades should be kept in water to prevent curing of residual material between uses.  

Limitations:  Always MIX the product before using. For opened container, remove any surface skin and re-mix the product. Best results over vapor barrier. Do not store this product at 80°F or above. Keep out of direct sunlight and store the product on wood pallets at room temperature. 

Packaging:   One gallon units, five gallon and 55 gallon units.

This product is for use by professional applicators only. Wear Protective Clothing. Read MSDS before using this product. DOT/Flash Point – Non-flammable Liquid Classification, not regulated.