Optimus 7010

Single Component Primer 

Product Description
Optimus 7010 is a single component aromatic polyurethane resin blend based diphenylmethane 4,4'-diisocyanate that is a moisture cure system. This primer is extremely adhesive and is an excellent primer and provides “cross-linking” with polyurea when properly applied.   
Optimus 7010 is designed to provide penetration, increased bond strength, wetting and sealing of substrates and surfaces which will be exposed to chemical and physical environmental conditions. Optimus 7010  has superior adhesion, toughness, abrasion resistance and flexibility properties.  In addition, this formulation provides a polymer structure that is non-toxic and very water resistant and has exceptional corrosive resistance.
Optimus 7010 is one of the few primers that will adhere to cured polyurea, EPDM and other plastic materials that are difficult to bond to.
Accelerated Primer Set Time Optimus 7010 may be used with an accelerator to speed the set time of the product in cool temperatures or in applications where down time is limited.

Use Areas

  • A primer for all polyurea applications
  • concrete floor primer prior to epoxy or urethane floor coatings
  • over steel – tanks and vessels
  • over epdm roofing for polyurea applications
  • structural steel primer – polyurea, epoxy
  • cool conditions for expansion joints, airfields, etc.


  • Works in conjunction with Madison’s CMW
  • Primes most substrates and cross-links with polyurea aromatic or aliphatic top coats
  • Sets in 1 hour
  • Set time may be accelerated
  • Semi-flexible & impact resistance
  • Protects both concrete and steel
  • Corrosion resistant

Dry Coverage:  2 to 3 mils per coat, multiple coats on some applications. Heavy application 5 to 8 mils.

Pot Life:  8 Hours @ 70°F after container is opened.  With Accelerator - pot life is shortened per the amount of accelerator used.  
Note:  Always test a small amount of product if you are not sure about the pot life and set/cure speed.  Cold temperatures will slow the Optimus 7010 unless the accelerator is used. 

Preparation: Concrete must have a minimum 28 day cure prior to application.  Remove any curing agent, form release materials, oils, wax, moisture or any material that may effect bonding.  *Perform a Moisture Vapor Test before making the coating application on concrete.  Clean by abrasive “brush-off” blast.  Provide rough profile minimum 2 mils.   Review ASTM D4259 Abrading Concrete and ASTM F1869 Measuring Moisture Vapor Emission.  Seal/repair all bug-holes, cracks and spalls, see Madison data sheets on 820, 4010 and 3020 (joints). Use an Madison primer over filled cracks and voids.

Metal Preparation: Round off sharp edges and rough welds.  Burrs and weld splatter should be completely removed.  Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of any contaminants.  Vacuum the topside of all horizontal and sloped surfaces.  Fill pitted steel using Madison epoxy paste fillers for steel, leave flush with steel surface.
Carbon Steel: Immersion or Severe Exposures -  SSPC-SP-5 Near-White sand blast.  Mild Exposures: SSPC-SP10/NACE 2. near-white blast cleaning should have an anchor profile of two mils. Welds, seams, edges, etc. grind/blast smooth and provide 2 mil profile.  
Non-Ferrous Metal:  SSPC-SP-7 (Brush-Off Blast Cleaning) Coatings applied to these surfaces may not achieve the same degree of adhesion and toughness.

Curing Time & Temperature:  Optimus 7010 may be coated over with other products when the product solvent has flashed and the product is just becoming tack free.  The set time without the accelerator is based on the environmental temperature.  Application temperatures range from 35°F to 125°  F.   
Allow the product to "flash" its solvent content before applying top coat materials.
If the product is allowed to complete its full cure and becomes hard, the surface must be sanded/abraded to provide a profile to the cured product before applying additional primer.  Always apply the top coat or product approximately 1 hour  and not longer then 3 hours.

Optimus 7010 is shipped as concentrate with the proper solvent added on-site prior to using the primer.  The product may also be supplied ready to use and is then a flammable product and must ship as flammable.
Set time:            45 minutes to 1.5 hours
Cure time:          2 hours @ 70° F. 
Adhesion           ASTM D4541     1200 psi
Abrasion            ASTM D4060      75 mg loss           
1000 cycles CS-17 wheel/1000 gram load
Shelf Life           1 year
DOT/Flash Point, Concentrate non-flammable, solvent based Flammable Liquid Classification.
Moisture Resistance;  One coat Optimus 7010 with two coats of epoxy top coat product, per SSPC-SP-10 method for prepared steel  - No delamination, blistering, cracking or softening.  Expected life minimum under water - 5 years +.  Salt Water exposure - less than 1/32 inch rust creepage at scribed line after 1000 hours of exposure.

Moisture Vapor Reduction:  Optimus 7010 is compatible with CMW (Madison’s Crystal Matrix Waterproofing) used in concrete applications as part of a system approach when coating concrete.

Color:  clear honey colored.

Limitations:  Do not use on wet surfaces or expose to moisture.  Keep out of direct sunlight, store on wood pallets at room temperature. 

This product is for use by professional applicators only.  Wear Protective Clothing
Read MSDS before using this product.

DOT/Flash Point – Non-flammable Liquid Classification, not regulated.