Optimus CMW 8100

Moisture Vapor Barrier 

Product Description
CMW-8100 is a water based reactive and non-reactive crystal matrix growth waterproofing product used to treat concrete slabs and other concrete structures to provide permanent waterproofing and strength increases.
CMW becomes an integral part of the concrete completely waterproofing and dramatically increasing the compressive strength of the in-place concrete structure. The product  solidifies the various component parts of the concrete into one solid mass via the develop of its hydrogel and crystal growth thus increasing density and making the concrete permanently waterproof, tougher and harder.  In areas exposed to high humidity and salt air and with the potential of corrosive oxidation of rebar within the concrete – the CMW will reduce the potential of corrosive activity to the rebar. In addition, the CMW will expel chlorides over time and acidic residual concentration within the concrete capillaries. This process can take up to thirty days to complete, however, moisture vapor pressure is very quickly reduces and the process remains in place as a permanent part of the concrete. The CMW will reduce hydroscopic pressure as the curing process takes place and will often show a reduction in several hours after cure.  The CMW, via this process, provides better bonding for epoxy, polyurea, and urethane coatings and increase the concrete hardness ranging from 25%  to 40%  overall approximately, depending on the application and the substrate.

Unique Characterizes
CMW incorporates a reactive silicate and non-silicate based multifunctional crystal growth matrix that reacts with hydroxides and tri-calcium silicate and various ion components within the capillary/pore matrix structure of the concrete.  This reaction creates a calcium-silicate hydrophilic particle grain crystal/hydrogel with a non-diluting property that will repel absorption of penetrating liquids and substantially hinder and eliminate the passage of liquids and vapors through the concrete structure.

Advantages – CMW 8100

  • A true moisture vapor blocker, vapor transmission reducer
  • Permanent – becomes part of the concrete
  • Will stop minute fracture weeping of moisture
  • Insures longer lasting applications of floor coatings in areas of vapor pressure
  • Applied to new or old concrete
  • Improves concrete strength and chemical resistance
  • Non-technical applications, non-toxic, non-flammable and no odor
  • Eliminates hairline cracks and curing cracking in new concrete
  • Assists in providing a uniform cure on new concrete via chemical reaction
  • Acts as an adhesion promoter for surface applied coatings
  • Used in joints to stop water pressure from damaging joint materials
  • CMW does not change the exterior of the concrete in appearance
  • surface will take color stain


  • Moisture vapor pressure reduction application prior to coating and/or primer applications
  • Important for treatment of concrete “on-grade” to protect floor coatings or tile
  • Waterproofing before the application of Optimus 7010 & Polyurea Thin Film Applications
  • Pin-hole reduction in spray polyurea applications – “Out-Gassing” reduction
  • Below grade concrete treatment – positivbe & negative side
  • Retaining walls & concrete tanks pre-treatment

Hydrostatic Pressure
This crystal growth action will provide waterproofing even under hydrostatic head pressure and reduces or eliminates vapor pressure while assisting as an adhesive promoter and protecting surface applied coatings, such as  deck coatings, urethane coatings, epoxy coatings and vinyl floor products, from the effects of capillary rise moisture or vapor pressure.

Note:  The surface of the concrete is sprayed with clean water about 30 minutes after the last application of the product.  Water must be used on the surface since there is no calcium hydroxide in the top 1/16 of an inch of the concrete.  The water carries uncured CMW components into the concrete and locks them in where they react.  This application of water also leaves the surface of the concrete open and able to accept applications of concrete surface treatments, stains, or other coatings.  Water must be used to make the application correctly.

The product is a clear (but must be mixed before using), low viscosity liquid that penetrates concrete and masonry building materials providing protection, strengthening and preservation.

Preparation:  Remove any curing agent, form release materials, oils, wax, moisture or any material that may effect bonding. Break the surface via water blasting or other cleaning method.  3000 psi pressure from a water blaster @ 4-5 gallons per minute is good for dirty or stained concrete.  Use a good concrete cleaner and remove all residual cleaner or soap from the surface using the above pressure.

Moisture vapor test may not be critical on new concrete, on all other concrete, perform a Moisture Vapor Test using American Moisture test kit.  Register results with owner or provide test result information as needed.  Use ASTM F1869 Measuring Moisture Vapor Emission.  Seal/repair all bug-holes, cracks and spalls, see Madison data sheets on 820, 4010 and 3020 (joints).   820).

Application: Application range - 35°F to 125°F.  Make the application of the product as soon as the preparation cleaning is complete.  The concrete surface may be slightly damp for the CMW application.

Mix the product well before applying it. For new concrete apply Optimus CMW immediately following the finishing operation or as soon as the surface may be walked on.  Sometimes 3 to 4 coats are applied.  Important – successive coats should be applied approximately 30 minutes apart.  Each application is to be applied so that a light wet sheen appears on the concrete.  CMW should not be allowed to puddle or pond.  Such puddles will cause a white glaze surface to the concrete.  Squeegee or sweep excess product onto areas that are absorbing more faster or move excess material to areas that are somewhat dry.
Apply CMW in multiple even coats using an airless spray unit or garden spray unit, it can also be roller applied.

After the first coat has been absorbed, immediately apply additional coats.  Use only as much CMW as the surface will easily absorb.  Areas that absorb more sealer faster will need additional product applied to that area.   
About 30 minutes after  final coat of CMW has been applied, spray clean potable water in two coats over the treated area.  Make at least two passes or coats of water about 30 minutes apart.
Observe the surface:  if the crystal gel remains on the surface of the concrete, rinse off or mop the surface to remove the gel.  Add an additional coat of clean water to the surface.  If the gel is left on the surface and it dries it will form a crust that should be removed before a coating is applied.  Use a floor polisher with an abrasive wheel to remove the crust.  Clean the area and remove the dust before apply a coating.

High Vapor Pressure:  use approximately 4 to 5 successive coats, call Madison for assistance.

Allow a cure time of 1 to 7 days before making an application of any coatings or surface treatment.  Cure time is dependent on the temperature, humidity and density of the concrete.

Purging of Contaminants: As the CMW cures the reaction of the product within the concrete may purge out salts and contaminants.  Depending on the level of salts or contaminants this process could continue for several days or more.  Remove any purged material and check the area to assure that the purging has finished before proceeding with a coating.

Rough Slab Finished Surface
                50 to 100 square feet per gallon
Steel Trowel Smooth Finish
                100 to 150 square feet per gallon 
Apply to the surface at the recommended application rate, depending on the vapor emission rate/reading, i.e. 50 square feet per gallon, 100 square feet per gallon or 150 square feet per gallon, and/or multiple coats as needed to assure coverage and final vapor reduction goal.  Keep the surface of the concrete wet for a minimum of 30 minutes when applying the product.

Priming:  Prime or coat the CMW treated surface when the concrete is fully dry.  Best @ 72 hours, good @ 48 hours and minimum dry time 24 hours, dry times are dependent on temperature and relative humidity of the application environment.

Read MSDS before using this product or any polymer product.

VOC. Content – N/A
UV Resistance – Excellent   Non-Yellowing

Limitations:  Always MIX the product before using. 

Do not dilute or reduce/alter the product in any way.

Store on wood pallets at room temperature and protect from freezing.

Do not allow contact with glass, aluminum, ceramic tile, glazed tile or wood. These materials should be masked and protected from being coated with the product.

The CMW has little or no effect on steel pipe, plastic pipe, insulation, fire-stop caulking or foam. Be sure to test the product on the actual pipe, fire stop caulking or any other materials mentioned or not mentioned here. Test by applying a small amount of mixed product on the material and allow it to dry. A judgment can be made after the product has completely cured.

Rise tools with water, rinse and wipe of product in unwanted areas.

Packaging:  55 gallon and 5 gallon units.This product is for use by professional applicators only. Wear Protective Clothing. Read MSDS before using this product. DOT/Flash Point – Non-flammable Liquid Classification, not regulated.