Optimus Eco 9100

Erosion Control 

Product Description
ECO-9100 is a high solids, very small micron size  polymer particle composed of high quality acrylic resins, binders and dispersion agents.
ECO-9100 is high in solids content, 55 to 60 percent, and is used for long term or short term control on soil or sand. The product is also used for surface stabilization of Decomposed Granite trails, parkways and median strips. ECO-9100 will not harm plant life. 


  • Erosion Control
  • Wind & Water
  • Hydroseeding
  • Dust Control
  • Hazardous Soils Stabilization
  • Pathways & Walkway Treatment
  • Slopes - Rills & Sever Water Damage
  • Sand Dunes & Habitat Reforestation

ECO-9100 has been used on EPA Superfund Sites for hazardous condition containment. On these sites it has been used for water erosion control, dust and hazardous soil particle stabilization.  
ECO-9100 can be used for Hydroseeding and slope erosion control as well as  fugitive dust control.

Conditions:  High velocity water erosion will require a high usage per square foot in 2 coats for full protection and long term control at 80 to 200 square feet per gallon coverage. Soil conditions should be considered prior to any applications for specific problem area control. Extreme conditions for specific control applications should be evaluated with the site conditions in mind as well as the desired result and the length of time control is required.  
Hazardous conditions for surface particle control may require site evaluation by a qualified Madison representative.


Application:  Applications for large areas are made from hydro-seed type equipment, large pressure tank systems and water trucks. Small  applications where product is intended to control sever erosion or hazardous dust particles should be made via a hose and spray nozzle or a water truck fitted with adjustable spray nozzles and operated from inside or outside the cab.

Advantages – ECO-9100

  • High quality Acrylics
  • Biodegradable
  • No waste products -  55% to 60% Solids
  • No Ammonia - No Silicates
  • Fast set, good penetration
  • Does not re-emulsify

Usage:   EC0-9100 is used with water to deliver the product to the application area. The amount of water required is determined by the applicator. Actual amounts of product to be used per acre should be determined by the user for the specific condition.  Madison can only suggest usage/coverage amounts. Large Scale applications may use 110 to 165 gallons per acre.

Coverage Rates: Hydro-seed Cover - 60 to 100 gallons/acre Dust Non-Traffic Areas - 120 to 165 gallons/acre. Heavy Duty Erosion Wind Water and Hazardous Containment is figured per applications and conditions as required by the project engineer.

ECO-9100 is available in 275 gallon tote tanks and special ordered smaller amounts, call Madison for details.