Product Uses

Surface/Substrate Condition/Application Product/Solution
Concrete Control Joints 
Control Joints, exterior shrinkage joints
Control Joints interior shrinkage/saw cut joints
Warehouse, industrial, cold, below zero joints
Construction Joints – interior – low movement
Construction Joints – exterior – expansion
4020 - 60 durometer hardness
4020 – 40 durometer hardness
3020 (85A durometer hardness)
3010-machine dispensed 
3020- cartridge or pump dispensed 
4020, 4021, 3040 40 durometer hardness
Expansion Joints
Expansion Joints
Bridges, Docks, Airfields
Parking Deck Joints
3040 Aromatic 40D & Optimus 7010 
primer or 6010R primer (quick prime) 
3040, 4021 & Optimus 7010, 6010R
3040 & Optimus 7010, 6010R
Control Joints & Expansion Joints
3040 Aliphatic
(must be specified aliphatic)
Spalls interior, slabs & floors
Spalls interior, slabs & floors – damp condition
Spalls, exterior, parking areas
Spalls – cold applications, below zero F
4010 (rapid repair)
6010R (damp condition)
4010, 6010
Cracks, slabs, floors, cold storage, below zero F
Moving Cracks, exterior
Damp Cracks
Large Cracks, moving, primer
Large Cracks, moving, wet condition primer
Crack Knitting/rebar & grout Craters, large damage areas, rapid damage repair
3040, 4020 
Optimus 7010
4010, 6010
Vertical Cracks
Cracks in concrete walls, parking structures
semi-flexible fast set, paint able, can be sanded 
Vertical Sealing – flexible 85 Shore A Polyurea
820-45/60 seconds
60/120, 120/240 & 10 min
3030 3 to 5 min. set
Injection Cap Seal 
Injection cap seal, crack injection, port bonding
vertical or horizontal sealing
Injection – Cartridge Applied 
Injection – 2:1 Cartridge fast set epoxy, high strength
Voids & Casting Holes 
Bug holes, Honeycomb, depressions, voids
Filler for polyurea fast set spray (various set times)
*May be coated in minutes
Waterproofing, Moisture Vapor Pressure, Hardening & Sealing 
Vapor Pressure Reduction, Densifying Concrete
vertical or horizontal, interior & exterior concrete 
in combination with coatings
Water Repellant – concrete surfaces
Coatings – Concrete Treatment & Primers
Moisture vapor barrier
Primers – for polyurea, urethane & epoxy
7010, 6010, 6200WR
Floors Polyurea Fast Set Spray Systems 
Industrial forklift travel ways
Color stable * Special Order aliphatic color stable
Caustic spill zones, acid splash
Non-skid aggregate application
Skid-resistant stipple polyurea surface
Base coat hangers, commercial/industrial
Aliphatic top coat, commercial/industrial
Floors & stairs – aggregate non-skid
1020, – aromatic
1020 CR
1020, 1010
1020, 1010, 2010
1020, 1010 – variable hardness
5200 roll-down
1010, 1020CS 
(CS=cartridge spray slow system)
Decks – Coating 
Pedestrian decks
Parking decks, base coat over primer
Parking decks, top coat over aromatic
ERM 2020 & 5200, Urotex BC & AT 1010, 1020
1010, 1020
5200 roll-down
Specialty Applications 
Bollards & Structural Adhesive Caulking
Caulking around in-concrete barriers and buildings 
Structural caulking for vertical problems 
Fiberglass Bonding & Repair
Polyester cloth impregnating 
Fiberglass modular tank bonding 
Rapid Set Container Leak Repair – cartridges 
Special order 50 ml cartridges
3040 & 6010R
820 vertical various speeds
820 vertical various speeds
820 self-leveling slow
820 self-leveling slow
1020 – 21 ounce cartridges 
10 second set
Clean Room Applications
Clean Room Terminator Sealing 
Mix & pour – provided in kits, 
*Due to high volume of this special product lead time is required
Clean Room Floor Coatings, Caulking & Bonding
100% solids fast set epoxy 
100% solids slow set epoxy 
70% solids, water reducible fast set floor coating 
100% solids structural caulking & bonding
820 vertical (various set times)
Containment Polyurea 
Secondary containment, acid conditions 
Secondary containment, chemical spill zones
Waterproofing, containment, mild conditions 
Sewer & manhole re-habilitation/coating 
Tank lining – flexible, chemical resistant 
Tank linings – various
1020 CR + Nova Bar top coat
1020 (standard fast set spray)
1010, 1020
1020, 1010 modified elongation
Polyurea Slow Set “Roll-down” Systems
Aliphatic finish, clear coat/top coat over 
color chip & quartz aggregate decorative floors 
Aliphatic pigmented finish 
Anti-tire shadow clear finish coat 
Overcoat joints, commercial/industrial 
Base coat hangers, commercial/industrial 
Aliphatic top coat, commercial/industrial 
Stairs – aggregate non-skid 
Safety lines, yellow, red
5200 aliphatic 
5200 aliphatic
5200 aliphatic
6010R pigmented or 6200WR
6010R (ground below grade) 5200
Water Features
Specialties, systems
Epoxy Coating, Bonding & Barrier Systems
Industrial, clear, high gloss floor finish/coating 
Industrial work surface, clear/pigmented fast set
Industrial work surface, clear/pigmented slow set
Chemical resistant protective coatings, Novolac 6100
Warehouse, industrial/commercial, fast set 
water reducible, clear or pigmented
Decorative base coat, fast set, winter grade 
Decorative water clear top coat, color chip system, 
non-yellowing, high durability
Surface seal, clear, fast set, water reducible 
Color quartz base coat, clear/pigmented, 
High build, aggregate broadcast system, 
Cove floor base 
Cove floor clear or pigmented top coat S
Damp conditions base coat/primer
6010R (fast set) 6010S (slow)
6010R, 6010S
6010R, 6010S
6020, 6010R, 6010S
Protection Containment 
Secondary containment, novolac, acid barrier 
- barrier, acid conditions, floors, walls, splash zones, equipment, pipes
Protection, containment, novolac, corrosive solvent
- splash and spill zones, floors and equipment
Containment, primary, chemical barrier coating 
- tanks, vessels, equipment, walls & floors, pipes
Base coat penetrating primer, protective coatings
Asphalt Repair 
Surface Stabilization - degrading asphalt FOD 
Raveled surface loss of fines 
Shoulders, Sectional Cracks, Loose Pieces FOD

4010 & 4020
4020 & 4020
4010E (machine applied)
4020, 4021
Joints - Aspahlt 
Asphalt & Asphalt to Concrete Joints

4020, 4021
Surface Protection - Asphalt 
Surface Chemical Protection

4010E, 6010, 1020 (with primer)
Concrete/Asphalt Airfields Lighting & Kerfs 
In-pavement Light Fixtures, Docking Systems 
Kerf & Conduit 
Bolt Setting for light standards 
Kerfs (light-to-light electrical)

6010R Grout
6010R, 3020, 3040, 4020, 4021
6010R, 6010S
FOD & Jet Blast Damage Areas 
Asphalt Shoulders 
Rapid Repair - Emergency Repair
4020 Asphalt Repair
4020, 4021
4020, 4010, 6010R
Expansion Joints
Slab expansion joint - movement
3040, 4020
Airfield Fuel Containment Areas
Fuel Spill Sealing (asphalt or concrete) 
Block Walls sealing membrane 
Concrete Slabs sealing membrane 
Berm - soil, sealing and stabilization 
Airfield Airplane Hanger Floors 
Very high chemical resistance & excellent gloss retention

Field sensors for roads
Inductive loops for asphalt roads, stop lights 
4010E, Optimus 7010, 6010
1010, 1020, 820, 1020 CS
7010, 4010E, 7010, 4020 (with aggregate)
ECO-9100 + 1020, 1010 & 20 (geotextile)
4020 - 4021
Multi-Substrates Adhesive Bonding
Rigid, Semi flexible sealant resistant to gas 
diesel, Jet fuel and hydraulic fluid, vertical or horizontal, bonds to plastics, urethane, fiberglass
810 & 820
Roofs Elastomeric Roof Membrane
Highly adhesive, high elongation, single component
Title 24, high reflective, monolithic membrane roll or spray
White only
Soil Erosion Wind Erosion & Dust Control
Job site dust control, fugitive dust 
Dust Control, light clear short term 
Wind & Water, Sand Dune & Hillsides
Heavy Duty long term Control 
Decomposed Granite Pathway Stabilization
Surface saturation for stabilization and dust 
ECO-9100 (moderate application)
ECO-9100 (light application)
ECO-9100 (heavy application clear)


3020  -  gray only
3040  -  gray only
4020  -  black only
810  -  Natural color
820  -  Natural color
6010R  -  2:1 Natural

Spray Cartridge Spray kit

Application Equipment

LS10000  -  Plural component electric 1:1 application pump for Madison polyurea joint products.
Duplex Manual Guns  -  For use with Madison cartridges.
Pneumatic Guns  -  For use with Madison cartridges, special order electric duplex guns, cordless
Static mixers  -  Available for Madison cartridge products.