Madison Universal Polymers Technologies carry innovative, high quality, state of the art products used to construct, repair, rebuild and protect concrete, wood and steel. Please use the Online Catalog available below to review our Product Bulletin.  Madison Universal Polymers Technologies sells through directly to end users, contractors and or any interested party for resale. Please contact us by phone, fax or email to inquire about product availability and pricing. These chemically engineered products are used to solve many needs of the utilities, marine, industrial and transportation industries. We do not service the residential market.

Our featured products:

Polyurea, Polyurea / Urethane
Advanced Cured Epoxies, Urethane Acrylic Along With  Polyurea Containment & Protection
Aliphatic Polyurea Clear Coats & Chemical Resistant Polyurea
Fast Set Adhesives – Specialty Markets & Petroleum Tanks
Airfield Lighting & kerf Applications
Elastomeric Roof Coatings
Moisture Vapour Barriers For Concrete

Our Products

800 Series
Optimus 810
Optimus 820
4000 Series
Optimus 4005
Optimus 4010
Optimus 4015
7000 Series
Optimus 7010
1000 Series
Optimus 1010
Optimus 1020

5000 Series
Optimus 5100
Optimus 5200

8000 Series
Optimus CMW 8100
Optimus 8200 Aqua Bar
2000 Series
Optimus 2010
Optimus ERM 2020
6000 Series
Optimus 6010R
Optimus 6010S
Optimus 6020
Optimus NBPC 6100
Optimus 6100WC
Optimus 6200WR
9000 Series
Optimus ECO 9100
Optimus 9200 (Ice Melter)

3000 Series
Optimus 3010
Optimus 3020
Optimus 3040


Product Uses

Surface/Substrate Condition/Application Product/Solution
Concrete Control Joints
Control Joints, exterior shrinkage joints

Control Joints interior shrinkage/saw cut joints
Warehouse, industrial, cold, below zero joints
Construction Joints – interior – low movement
Construction Joints – exterior – expansion

4020 - 60 durometer hardness
4020 – 40 durometer hardness
3020 (85A durometer hardness)
3010-machine dispensed
3020- cartridge or pump dispensed
4020, 4021, 3040 40 durometer hardness